Friday, March 2, 2012

DWP Town Hall Meeting

Dear Marquez Knolls Residents:
At last night's Town Hall Meeting, DWP gave an excellent presentation on the technology and the needs for  an additional power substation to provide the needed power to the Palisades. Prior to the meeting DWP had voiced its first choice of location behind the Firestation 23, which is parkland.  The Marquez location is DWP's second choice due to the serious geological problems at that site which will be costly to overcome.    Due to strong prior positions by Los Liones conservationists, objecting to the use of parkland for the substation, special emphasis is now on the location at the site next to the Marquez Elementary School.
About 200 people attended including the representative from Bill Rosendahl's Office, Norman Kulla,  Janet Turner, Chair of the PPCC, Christy Dennis President of MKPOA, and Haldis Toppel, PPCC Vice Chair and MKPOA Vice President. It was a tremendous outpouring of public interest in a community that truly cares about its character and social and aesthetic integrity.  Even though the topic was heated and highly emotional, the evening proceeded orderly and with respect for all.
About 30  people spoke, many of them attorneys and doctors, and parents of children at Marquez Elementary, as well as representatives from Montessory and Chabad preschool.  Joyce Wong Kup, Susan Prince, and Eddy Kup made the opening remarks followed by short presentations from other members of the community, including Marquez Knolls residents, parents of young children at Marquez Charter Elementary school, administrators from Montessory and Chabad, and representatives from the Temescal Canyon Association.  Much emphasis was on the Electro Magnetic Field (EMF) danger.  Most objected to the location of the substation on Marquez for a number of reasons, primarily the EMF health issues.  Some urged the pursuit of the public Los Liones land behind Firestation 23, while Randy Young and several members of the Temescal Canyon Association, as well as members of the Chabat Preschool and others spoke against the Firestation 23 location.  DWP was left with the clear task to find available land other than the two preferred sites on Marquez and Los Liones.

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